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-+ I Want to Help You +- by LemonSpritz -+ I Want to Help You +- :iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 2 0 -+ Doodle of a Man +- by LemonSpritz -+ Doodle of a Man +- :iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 4 3 -+ Distance +- by LemonSpritz -+ Distance +- :iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 2 0 -+ In the Night +- by LemonSpritz -+ In the Night +- :iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 1 0 -+ Tim Burton Style - Jason the Toy Maker +- by LemonSpritz -+ Tim Burton Style - Jason the Toy Maker +- :iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 13 6 -+ Request for Wolfy +- by LemonSpritz -+ Request for Wolfy +- :iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 1 0 -+ Ben and Jeff - B1 and B6 +- by LemonSpritz -+ Ben and Jeff - B1 and B6 +- :iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 5 2 -+ Jane - B1 +- by LemonSpritz -+ Jane - B1 +- :iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 2 0 -+ An Embarrassing Attempt at Kanabel +- by LemonSpritz -+ An Embarrassing Attempt at Kanabel +- :iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 3 0 -+ Jane +- by LemonSpritz -+ Jane +- :iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 5 0
Mature content
JasontheToyMaker X Reader (Nodus Tollens) Ch. 8 :iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 2 0
JasontheToyMaker X Reader (Nodus Tollens) Ch. 7
~ 7 ~
       I counted and readied the fifty dollars that my mother had given me to go check out the other shops around town.
       I left the house and made my way into town, but before I left, I made sure to FaceTime Uncle Ebb and let him know I was leaving and when I’d be back home.
       I made sure to take my mace, but I also snuck one of my mother’s pocket knives with me, tucking it into my back pocket, just in case.
       I went by the pet store, the toy store, and the candy store, looking into each window as I passed them.
       I crossed the next street, checking out the stores there.
       I began to realize that there were only two stores on this stretch, and that the one, according to a large wooden sign hanging out front, was a library.
:iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 5 0
Mature content
Hunt Me (Supernatural + Creepypasta) Ch. 1 :iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 1 0
HABIT X Reader (Taking Over Me) Ch. 6
~ 6 ~
       When I came to, I winced immediately from a sharp pain in my head. I had developed an excruciating headache, and it throbbed like a wound.
       I raised my hand to my head as I sat up, slowly, and my eyesight would slightly blur when my head would throb.
       I heard...talking. I also made out the sounds of a television, which was across from me.
       I was laying on a sofa. I realized the positioning of the furniture, and the sofa, in this room were very familiar.
       Then it occurred to me.
       I was home.
       Throwing my legs over the sofa edge, I listened to the people speaking in the kitchen. It sounded like my parents. This made me overjoyed.
       But what mildly worried me was that they sounded like
:iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 4 0
Mature content
HABIT X Reader (Taking Over Me) Ch. 5 :iconlemonspritz:LemonSpritz 2 0
HABIT X Reader (Taking Over Me) Ch. 4
~ 4 ~
       I tried my best to run as fast as I could.
       When did the game end?
       It’s not like I could stop and ask him. I could probably yell my question to him, but that would slow me down and cause him to catch me. Which, I did not want.
       I glanced behind me. I did not see Jasper, er...Habit.
       But I kept running anyway. Like hell I was stopping. I would stop when my heart stopped.
       I did slow my run down to a jog, eyeing behind me again. Still no sign of Habit, and I didn’t hear him running, either.
       I slowed down to a stop, realizing I went against what I didn’t want to do.
       I looked around and listened. Nothing. Nada. Ixnay.
       Where was h
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I write more than I draw.

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